Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10 Weeks Update

Finn's been uber fussy the past two weeks. He's not happy unless he's being held. Could this be a mild case of colic, reflux, or placental withdrawal (made that one up)?

Mirabelle, on the other hand, is Little Miss Happy-Go-Lucky. She's content to sit and stare, discover her hands, sleep unassisted, etc. Will she think we loved her less because she doesn't get held as often as her brother (trust us Lady Belle, we love you for not ALWAYS crying)?

This week Mirabelle started grasping her play toys, a huge milestone for 2 months. She is quickly out growing her 0 - 3 month clothes. Our little bean pole is ridiculously tall for her age.

Finn rolled over (again) from tummy to back. This time I caught part of it on tape. He's grasping at his play toys too. He's also gaining strong muscle control over his head. This prankster is going to be a handful.

We are getting regular 'happy baby' smiles out of them. I get them in the morning when they first wake up . . . at 5:30a (self preservation technique #26). Daddy gets them when he comes home from work for play time (aka Mommy sanity time).

For the most part, they are a lot of fun!

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Zoo Keeper said...

adorable! I vote for placental withdraw... I wouldn't want to leave a warm, cozy place like that either if I were him!!