Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We Heart Nana & Pap Pap!

Dave's parents came to town late last week and it's been wonderful. Finn & Belle are loving the attention. Additionally, it's been wonderful spending time with two 'seasoned' experts at raising twins (for those just tuning in, Dave is an identical twin).

Already, I've learned some valuable tidbits. For example, use the Playtex Drop-in bag/bottle system. Yes, I'm aware this is not the most environmentally friendly solution (to compensate I'm letting the twins sit in their wet diapers longer).

Here's a picture of Nana with a sleeping Finn (such a rare moment, it had to get documented . . . the sleeping Finn portion). Pap Pap is hiding in the background.


Zoo Keeper said...

Hey - my mom used those drop in baggie bottles for Justin!!! (can you believe he turned 23 this past weekend?!?!?!?)

I still can't figure out how people handle life with multiples!!! I can't even imagine having ONE!!!

Amanda said...

BIG FAN of the drop ins!! You can pump right INTO the drop in. Also BPA free! Less dishes. I'm sure the environment can deal with it. xoxoxox