Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8 Weeks Update

Well, is it easier? A little (+1 point for mommy). Someone told me once the twins started smiling and laughing it would become worth it. This was also the same someone who believes babies strategically begin smiling at this stage so parents won't disown them (+1 point for babies).

It's also a little easier now because the whole 'meet and greet' period has passed. Collectively we are learning how to communicate with one another better (+1 for both mommy and babies). I'm getting better at understanding their needs, which honestly aren't that varied (eat, sleep, poop, stare, repeat). And it seems the twins are getting better at not being SO needy (20-minute stare sessions at the ceiling fan are nice breaks).

However, I have a sneaky feeling this is the calm before a new storm such as teething, crawling, walking, talking, etc. It would only be fair that once mom and dad have a good routine established the babies should change the rules (+1 point for babies . . . babies are winning folks).

Sleep is still being bartered in our house. Friday is followed by Saturday morning which means Mommy gets to sleep just a wee bit longer in the mornings (cause Daddy is a wonderful man).

We are still using our sleep strategies and bedtime routine. It's not perfect. Finn woke up at midnight and again at 2a the past two nights. Mirabelle slept till 4a (do the math . . . feedings every 2 hours still). However, in exchanged we have a few hours from 8p - midnight of 'free time' to do laundry, watch violent TV and blog to you fine people.

Mirabelle is 10 lbs. 11 oz.

Mirabelle will sleep steadily through nap time and enjoys watching Mommy do chores around the house. She likes tummy time and usually falls asleep after her mini pilates session.

Finn is 9 lbs. 12 oz.

Finn does not like nap time and would rather cry. He loves tummy time and can lift his upper body up with his arms (he may be small, but he sure is mighty). He's teaching Mirabelle how to use her arms during tummy time.


Zoo Keeper said...

Not only is it fun to read about someone having twins - but I love reading YOU write about it! It's great! Keep up the humor. I got a funny feeling you're going to need a lot of it in the future with twins! ; )

Amanda said...

Love it. Gorgeous babies!!