Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Article Worth Reading

A few of my girlfriends told me to read this article from The Atlantic about breastfeeding. I finally found the time to read it. Folks, I believe every new mother should read this article!! I'm still trying to breastfeed and I do supplement the twins but this article relieved a tremendous amount of emotional strain and guilt because I'm not 100% breastfeeding the babies.

Basically, the article explains there is a discrepancy between what popular media reports about the benefits of breastfeeding and what the actual medical research states. In a nutshell, the studies are either inconsistent or inconclusive on whether breast milk is the magical elixir popular media claims it to be.

Don't get me wrong, the article by NO MEANS advocates women to stop breastfeeding. It just simply gives some really valid reasons why women should not feel guilty if they can't or don't want to breastfeed exclusively.

So here's my public service announcement for the week:

If you know someone who is pregnant or just recently gave birth, do them a HUGE favor and print this article for them to read at their leisure.

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