Monday, August 24, 2009

Lucky Little Ducks!

A few weeks ago we took the twins to the local farmer's market. Public outings with the babies attract a lot of attention ('Oh, look! You have two!!' . . . yes, I can count). While the actual farmer's market was lame, the outing was very fruitful.

A woman approached us and asked to look at our babies. She was a professional photographer and wanted to gain experience photographing infant twins. She offered to take their pictures for free in exchange for time with the babies (mama didn't raise no fool, of course I said yes!!).

She came over to 'play' with the babies last Monday. On Friday we received a sneak peek of the proofs. In a few weeks she should have the rest of the photos ready and posted to a special website for family and friends to order prints.

I'm completely smitten with these pictures (not sure if it's because my babies are in them or they are free . . . ). Here's some of our favorites:






Amanda said...

Lovelovelove it!

Zoo Keeper said...


VegGirl said...

Super Cute!!

WanderingGirl said...

Score! That's super awesome, and those shots are gorgeous!!!