Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Smitten At First Sight

Last weekend was very special for the twins. Not only did they get quality cuddle time with their 'Aunt' Meighan, but they also got to meet Uncle Dan (Dave's identical twin brother) and Aunt Tracy.

Meighan spent most of her visit demanding to hold a baby at all times, often insisting on holding two babies (not counting her 'little pumpkin' in the oven. . . which would technically make it three babies). It's safe to say she was quite smitten by the twins.

Uncle Dan was equally smitten (in his own special way . . . case in point, he cheerfully used the Boppy pillow).

Dave and I enjoyed playing our special 'morning-wake-up game' with Uncle Dan and Aunt Tracy during their visit. Between the hours of 6a - 7a we liked sending one crying baby up to the guest room for an early morning feeding (just keeping parenthood 'real' for the uninitiated).

We miss the company and the help! This week I've been going it alone during the day. After this post, I plan to research Nanny services.

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