Monday, August 31, 2009

A Week Of Firsts

There's a first time for everything, and last week we did a bunch of new stuff. We went grocery shopping by ourselves. The key is using metal shopping carts, the plastic ones (at Target) don't work well with two infant carriers. Another tip, don't try and buy a weeks worth of groceries but do buy your husband's favorite beer (he'll come straight home after work).

We also visited Chuck E Cheese (yes I know, why on God's green Earth did we do that?). I'm trying to make friends with other mommies in the area. I was invited to a play date with a group of mothers who have school aged children (Chuck E Cheese is right up their alley).

The benefit of meeting mothers with older children, they've been there and done that. All had wonderful advice on places to take the babies and activities they enjoyed doing when their children were infants. Plus, they all seem to LOVE babies so there were plenty hands on deck to help feed my crew.

Interestingly enough, the twins slept through most of the visit at Chuck E Cheese (the loudest place on Earth). Clearly I can stop tip toeing around the house during nap time.

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