Monday, August 10, 2009

We Miss Oma-ma!!!

Yes folks, the summer has officially come to an end . . . Oma-ma packed her things and headed home yesterday. I'm one of the luckiest ladies on the planet to have such a wonderful mother willing to give up her ENTIRE summer to take care of me and the babies (Thank you, Mom!!).

On the bright side, Aunt Quinnie is here for the week providing her special kind of nanny care. Photo shoots are our favorite afternoon activity and today AQ helped us document Matching Twin Outfit Day!!

Mirabelle & Finn are wearing their Cancer zodiac onesies that say:
'Born Romantic. Loves To Be Thoughtful'


Zoo Keeper said...

It's funny to see that at such a young age I can definitely tell Mirabelle is a girl and Finn is a boy. I can start to see it in their features!

(I hope that isn't an insulting comment - but sometimes people have a hard time determining boys from girls until they're 2 or 3 sometimes!!)

Anonymous said...

Good job Aunt Quinnie!
I miss y'all. See you Friday.

Steph said...

How sweet! Can't wait to see you all again!

Amanda said...

They are SO BIG!!! :):)
Go AQ!!

Shannon said...

Love the outfits and they are of course adorable in them!