Monday, August 31, 2009

Questions For The Peds

We have our 2 month check-up this week, which means I've made a list of question to ask the pediatrician. Here's what I've got so far:

  1. Right now Mirabelle is 1 lb. heavier than Finn, will this emotionally scar her later in life?
  2. Finn can already roll from his tummy to his back, when can we sign him up for soccer?
  3. Why is Mirabelle's tongue white? Should we brush it?
  4. Finn tends to tilt his head to one side in his sleep. Does he have torticollis and is that named after turtles?
  5. How much do you think we can sell these babies for on the black market? My sister says $60K but we think that's too conservative.
  6. What's the deal with rice cereal and why do all grandmothers swear by it?
We'll let you know how the appointment goes.


Zoo Keeper said...

Great questions!! I'm sure the doc will love them! : )

(my word verification is "nobsesee".. why do I find that funny??)

Zoo Keeper said...

sorry - the word is "nobsesse"...
like obsessing over your nob... ha!

WanderingGirl said...

As the middle child, I know everything and will offer my answers since I probably know more than the doctor anyway...

Question 1: I am 1 of 3, and while not a twin, I was a full 1lb 3oz bigger than either sibling at birth. I told them it was because Mom loved me more and made sure I was better nurished. It's also why I'm smarter than them and proof that she loves me more. Mirabelle is welcome to use the same answer.

Question 2: Next week. He can roll to stop the opponent from scoring goals.

Question 3: It's to match her socks. Make sure to brush on Tuesday. Having a white tongue after Labor Day is poor fashion.

Question 4: It's not named after turtles, it's named after Collies. He cocks his head because in his sleep he can still hear the high pitches dogs can hear.

Question 5: Far too conservative. I'll give you $75k for the set.

Question 6: Rice cereal is how you fatten babies before you send them in to the woods. Hansel and Gretel's grandmother was particularly fond of it.

Good luck getting such straight answers from the doctor.

Amanda said...

They have these little rubber nubby thingys that go over your finger for "brushing" baby teeth. Maybe that will help? In the baby toothpaste section... :)

Could it be thrush? Yogurt kills it. :):)