Monday, August 17, 2009

VIP's In Da House

It was a special weekend for the babies. My grandma, aunt and her husband came to visit! Dave got to play golf and I got to go shopping (clearly it was a good weekend). Not to mention the babies were reunited with Oma-ma (whose new mission in life is getting Finn to weigh more than Mirabelle).

Four generations all together

Grandma & Aunt Sharon with the twins!

It's always a treat when Grandma is around! During this visit, I learned some important family history. Apparently my father was a very colicky baby (this explains so much). The family doctor instructed my grandmother to take a bottle of liquor, give the baby a teaspoon and drink the rest for herself. While I don't have any colicky babies (thank you, Jesus) this does seem like sound advice even for an overwhelmed twin mommy.

The babies already miss everyone (who wouldn't miss all that cuddle time and free kisses?).

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Zoo Keeper said...

I LOVE the photos you post!