Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Adventures of One Cool Chic & The Oprah Show Tricked Me!

Yesterday was a struggle in boredom (thanks to Amanda for shaming me into being creative).  This morning I resurrected my old alter-ego One Cool Chic and drew this little sketch (One Cool Chic was created out of boredom at work many, many years ago).  Whenever I got bored, I invented new stories for her.  This is the first time I've actually drawn one of my stories.

She's a very fashionable Chic (obviously) and believes she can do anything, even though the world constantly tells her she can't.

Here's some close-ups of her story: 

The Slimy Snake says "You can't cross that creek One Cool Chic."

"Oh yeah!?!  Watch me!!" One Cool Chic says.  She begins making a catapult and launches herself over the creek with a rock.  See her flying over the creek!!

One Cool Chic lands on Slimy Snake and says "I can do anything!"

While I was creating my masterpiece, I decided to watch yesterday's Oprah show.  Folks, you've got to be careful with Oprah.  Sometimes she does really depressing or bizarre shows (last year's fixation on transgender-ness got excessive).  I always read the DVR description before watching her show. 

Yesterday's show seemed pretty innocent 'Miracle Children with Celine Dion' (sounded really uplifting).  Here's how the episode was even advertised on Oprah's website:

About 45 mins. into this episode, I got tricked.  They showed a YouTube clip of a little baby born with Trisomy 18 (a fatal disease).  The YouTube clip is really sweet, but after hearing three miracle stories where the children lived, I wasn't prepared for this clip to end the way it did (if you dare to watch it click here).  

The baby lived 99 days.  The miracle is that the baby lived at all (but you don't find that out until the end of the video).  After the video, the cameras pan back to a crying Celine and Oprah (and Emily).

Look, I'm on some serious hormones right now, I'm not interested in situations that will elicit extreme emotions.  I won't even go see a scary movie this weekend with my girl Ash (but I will go see HSM3. . . pretty please, anyone?)


Amanda said...

That is BULLSHIT!!

Miracle = Happy/Inspirational

Miracle does NOT = sad baby story

That screen cap should have shown those two doofuses with their tears gopping up their thousand dollar make up.

I think OneCoolChic needs to look into this.

Good Egg Hunting said...

Also avoid TLC at all costs lest you come across a) labor and delivery fests or b) freaky medical problem shows. Meanwhile, OneCoolChic rocks!

Anonymous said...

Yes, tread carefully. One of my friends became so convinced that she was going to become homeless after watching an episode on Oprah (about homelessness) that her husband now forbids her to watch it.

That was also good advice about all of those TLC baby TV shows. DO NOT watch them at all during your pregnancy. They made me freak out.


Zoo Keeper said...

Thanks em... I DVR Oprah and watch it on the weekend. I can't decide if you ruined the ending of an episode for me or if you saved me from watching it. I'll let you know later. ; )

(hee, hee my word varification is "barjab"....)