Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Go, Go, Gadget Follicle Stimulation, Activate!

Alright, I mentioned this briefly in yesterday's post, but I feel it needs repeating and it's own post space. I have a total of 18 antral follicles!

18 Antral Follicles!

A follicle count ranging from 15 - 26 is considered normal (i.e. good). Here are some generalities that fit my profile:
  • Normal follicle count should have an excellent response to ovarian stimulation (what I'm currently doing every night with my Gonal-f injections).
  • Likely to respond well to low doses of FSH products.
  • Very low risk for IVF cycle cancellation. Some risk for ovarian over-stimulation.
  • Best pregnancy rates overall as a group.
I'm very excited about this news! I am in the best success rate category because I am under 35 and have a good antral follicle count.
For those of you wondering what is an antral follicle, here's my best attempt to explain. Antral follicles are often called 'resting follicles'. They house immature eggs. Women are born with all their eggs already in their ovaries. These immature eggs are housed in antral follicles.
During an ovulation cycle the ovaries will release a specific amount of antral follicles, 15 - 26 on average for most women (as women get closer to menopause the amount of antral follicles decrease until all eggs are gone). The body naturally lets these antral follicles develop their egg, and then during ovulation the best egg in the bunch gets released for potential fertilization.
What does this all mean for me? Well, I have 18 potential eggs for this IVF cycle. Research shows the number of eggs retrieved has a direct correlation to IVF success rates (the more the merrier). Over the next 8 - 13 days I'm taking Gonal-f (follicle stimulating hormone) to help these 18 antral follicles develop quality, mature eggs.
Clan Donovan is feeling pretty good at the moment (of course, check back in a few hours, it could just be the hormones talking).


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