Thursday, October 2, 2008

No One Leaves Empty Handed

Dave and I went to injection training class today.  They gave us a gift bag (we're still trying to figure out why).  All it contained was our injection paperwork; a folder would have been more practical. 

Starting on Oct. 13th I get injections of various hormones mostly in the morning and/or evening.  Today taught both Dave and I how to give those injections safely.  We'll also receive a detailed medication protocol sheet complete with dates/times for each injection.  

The big scary injections are the intramuscular ones that I'll have to take after egg retrieval.  Dave administers those into my backside, the needles are longer and bigger.  We were told to practice on a grapefruit or an orange (apparently they have a similar feel as my backside. . .).  


Zoo Keeper said...

oh but it's such a pretty bag!! : )

Amanda said...

That's funny.

We were told to practice on steel support beams of highway bridges.

They said that was similar to MY backside...weird. :)