Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh! My Aching Ovaries!

Well folks, tomorrow's the big egg retrieval day (otherwise known as Day 0 in fertility speak).  Today, however, I feel like crap.  I'm so exhausted, my ovaries hurt, I have the attention span of Lavender and general attitude of Bailey (i.e. spacey and b*tchy).  

I'll probably be out of it most of tomorrow, so you won't hear from me.  As an alternative, I'll ask Dave to write a post (40% likelihood of that happening).  If you really want him to post tomorrow, I suggest leaving a TON of comments or emails for his encouragement.  I can't promise he will actually post about IVF.  You may end up reading a post about golf, cars or some engineering techno-babble (great bits of information when used as a sleep aid).

This morning I had my pre-op appointment for egg retrieval.  Here's what will happen:

  • Dave and I report to the clinic first thing tomorrow morning.  
  • I will take a light anesthesia and Dr. Skywalker will remove my flock of eggs; meanwhile, Dave will produce a fresh supply of 'man seed' (his words, not mine).
  • The embryologist will begin uniting my eggs with Dave's sperm to create embryos.
  • Thursday our IVF nurse will call us with the number of fertilized eggs.
  • Embryo transfer will occur on either Day 3 (10/25) or Day 5 (10/27).  Dr. Skywalker will watch the dividing embryos and judge which day is best for transfer (typically Day 5 is preferred).
  • After transfer, I will spend 2 days on bed rest.
  • On Day 16 (11/7) I go to the clinic for my first pregnancy test.

There you have it!  The remainder of our IVF protocol.  Your good wishes are so appreciated.  Keep them coming!!


Amanda said...


The most important questions...what wonderful take-out food will you get to have on the way home to your resting...and what indulgent, cheesy movies will you be watching while you rest and munch??

What long, cryptic road your little eggies and spermies are traveling to find each other...I see a happy ending ahead. :)


Good Egg Hunting said...

Best wishes for a successful retrieval!

Zoo Keeper said...

Good luck!!! Sending positive vibes your way!!