Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Retrieval Day

Hey, this is Dave. It was a busy, busy morning.  We arrived at the IVF clinic at 8AM sharp, filled out some paper work, showed our Photo IDs and went in to begin the procedure prep.  Emily put on her cute little gown (that shows her butt), got an IV and some drugs to put her out (low dose though, not enough to influence the eggs).  I was then escorted to a special room to do my part.

When I got back Emily was on the gurney ready to go in.  I gave her a kiss and sent her on her way.  I was in the waiting room for barely 30 minutes when they came and got me.  Emily was back in the prep area.  She was very groggy.   I tried to keep her talking so she would wake up faster (nurse's suggestion).  A few minutes later the nurse came over and told us they had retrieved 26 eggs (8-12 eggs is normal).  That was great news. 

Now they will pick the best eggs and fertilize them.  We will know tomorrow how many were fertilized.  The ones we don't use will be frozen.  It took Emily about another 30 min to feel ok enough to travel.  Then we went home.  

She is resting nicely at home in bed.  Charlie was nice enough to come over and keep her company for the afternoon. We are scheduled for embryo transfer on Monday, Oct, 27th.

Everything has been going great and we are very confident that babies are in our future.  To everyone who has been keeping up with this blog - Thanks for your support.


Anonymous said...

Y'all can have your own TV show if you birth those 26 eggs. Nice work team Donovan.

Auntie Angie

Amanda said...

26 eggs!! WOOHOO! Good egg makin girlfriend!!!

Dave, thanks so much for the update. It was beautiful and perfect. You rock.

I'm absolutely flipping... :)

Amanda said...

WAIT..we didn't get to hear how many DAVE produced?? A million? A billion???? This is a team effort you know..

Zoo Keeper said...

Amanda good point! C'mon, talk about a team effort!

WOW! 26 eggs... You'd put "Jon & Kate + 8" to shame! That doc is jumpin' for joy behind that curtain thinkin' about his clinic stats!! (I'm pretty sure that bodes well for you guys ; )