Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Save the Drama for Some Other Mama

6:30 am  Hit the snooze button (because it is offensively early to your low quality of sleep).

7:00 am  Rummage through closet looking for sweat pants to go with new Terrasoles birthday shoes.

7:30 am  Arrive at clinic only to find you are not on the appointment schedule (your nurse didn't book your appointment).

8:00 am  Get ultrasound (you still have some endometriosis in both ovaries; but not enough to stop IVF treatment.  You have 10 follicles in one ovary and 8 follicles in the other--this is a good number).  Have blood drawn.  Told to wait by phone for further instructions.

9:00 am  Wait by phone.

10:00 am  Wait by phone.

11:00 am  Wait by phone.

12:00 pm  Eat sushi.  Wait by phone.  

12:30 pm  Fertility clinic calls!   Your estrogen levels are good.  You can start stimulation phase.  You and your husband both take an oral antibiotic twice a day for the next 10 days.  You get to take 2 injections every evening until Friday.

2:00 pm  Walk the mall (your personal sanctuary).  Window shop (to find your inner peace).

3:45 pm  Get haircut.

5:20 pm  Hair was cut shorter than expected.  Slightly saddened.  

8:00 pm  Prepare for 2 injections.  Realize you are missing one medication.

8:15 pm  Freak out.

8:20 pm  Call fertility clinic.  Get voicemail.  Freak out more.

8:30 pm  Call Kammer (you always call your friend Kammer for medical advice and other general trivia questions. . . he's in med school and a know-it-all).  Get voicemail.  Still freaked out.

8:40 pm  Call pharmacy.  Get answering service.  Leave message.

9:00 pm   Make executive decision.  Take the one injection you know is correct.  Deal with missing medication in the morning.  Freak out level stabilized.

Just a brief glimpse into the world of Clan Donovan.  Yesterday was slightly traumatic.  For those interested, I was told to take 300 units of Gonal-F and 10 units of hCG; however, my pharmacy did not ship the hCG (we didn't realize this until today when I FINALLY got to talk to my doctor).  

Much of last night was spent trying to find out if the Ganrelix we had in the fridge was a brand name for hCG (there was a lot of 'Googling' going on and many failed phone calls made).  Long story short, our pharmacy will overnight the hCG for AM delivery.  Dr. Skywalker says we are okay missing the first two doses of hCG, it is given to help embryo quality and not all fertility clinics use this protocol.  


Amanda said...

nurses...grrr...I'm not a fan of most of them..BUT a nice warm box of Krispy Kremes next time will ensure that a) she gets a fat ass and b) she doesn't forget your similing face (and appointments).

Sorry for your crappy first day of IVF adventure. :( Deep breaths.

Yay for good folicle number and estrogen levels!!!!!!!!!!!

Meig said...

Oh my gooooooooooddddd, I don't know if I can handle this ride! Call me when Emily Jr. is born, so I can just bring presents...

Just kidding of course! I look forward to every joyful/panic-stricken word of this saga!

Hmmm...obviously it would be Meighan for a girl and perhaps Orpheus for a boy. Nice ring, don't you think? ;p