Monday, October 6, 2008

Phoenix Accepts Relocation Package

We got a call on Sunday from Freedom Fertility Pharmacy (I know, we were also surprised they work on Sunday).  On a whim I asked them earlier last week to run our fertility medications through insurance since our prescription drug insurance is carried by a different company than our medical insurance (which does not cover fertility treatment).  Apparently this company will cover our fertility medication!  There is just one small hitch, the complete order has to be transferred to a different pharmacy, approved, verified and shipped tomorrow for Wednesday delivery to our Casa.  
Why Wednesday delivery you might ask?  It's Birthday Week for Clan Donovan and we are spending the last half at the beach (yes, we know we were just there. . . its cheap and easy).  Dave turns the big 4-0 on Thursday and I turn a respectable 30-something on Sunday.  Dave's family is driving down from 'the North' to meet us at the beach for the celebration.  

So between a history mid-term and education paper deadline, I spent the day placing various calls to the new pharmacy and my doctor's office--all done in an effort to ensure the transfer went quickly and smoothly.  Hopefully, I'll get the 'package' on Wednesday!

In other news, I spent the weekend with my Grandma.  Surprisingly folks, she reads this 'blob' regularly and would like everyone to know she is not committed to voting for Palin.  She is officially undecided (I recommended she write herself into the ballot if she couldn't make a decision.  You know, just to exercise her voting rights).  She also wanted me to tell everyone I am a wonderful granddaughter.  

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Meig said...

Your 'blob'! Hahahaha! I love it! You're G'ma sounds so cute. : )

I can't believe Dave is turning 40! Geez 'em pete, whats happening to us??

Have fun at the beach and hope you both have FAB bdays.