Friday, October 31, 2008

"Take Care of Our Investment"

Loving words from Dave this morning before he left for work.  I'll take a pregnancy test a week from today.  The clinic told me not to trust a home pregnancy test because of all the hormones I've been pumping into my body (apparently they might trigger false readings).  

Rational Emily thought this was sound advice and didn't plan on buying any home pregnancy tests.  However, Irrational Emily is starting to nag Rational Emily about this logic.  Folks, I don't know what to do.  Should I take a home pregnancy test next week. . . just for fun?  Or stick to my guns and wait till the official clinic one next Friday?

The waiting is hard but I'll be back in school full-time next week.  I'm volunteering on Election Day to drive voters who need rides.  I'm also going to South Meck High School on Thursday to log some observation hours.  Hopefully, a full schedule will keep me preoccupied.

As for the hyperstimulation syndrome, all my symptoms have faded (yea!!).  I no longer have shortness of breath and abdominal bloating and my weight is slowing moving back to normal.  I do have some lower abdominal cramping when I move too much during the day.  However, this is not a symptom of the syndrome.  If anything it's either my body implanting little Atticus and Bobo or rejecting them (let's hope for implantation).

Happy Halloween everyone!  I've got to run out and get some candy for the six kids who trick-or-treat in our neighborhood (the downfall of city living).


Amanda said...

OOOOoooo...tough speechless.

Helpful, I know.

Dave K. said...

I dont know too much about this, but home tests look for beta-HCG, which I know is also one of the injections.

Anonymous said...

I say wait for the real deal. This will save you from false hope or false sadness. Either way, the results may be false so you would be second guessing all of the tests until the clinic administered one. Just keep breathing, meditating, and blogging. Call me if you need distraction or to vent. I LOVE YOU!

Good Egg Hunting said...

Obviously you should do what feels right to you, but I would say wait for the real test. My clinic told me last time I home tested (after an IUI) that they often see false negatives in addition to false positives. You will have to go for a blood test anyway, so I feel like it's probably better to not have the angst of a home reading either way while you wait for the official word. May the rest of your 2ww fly by!

Meig said...

WAITTTTTTTTTTTT!!! You don't want to be let down or pumped up by a false reading! You won't be at all satisfied by the test results anyway since you know they are probably wrong.

Sorry I missed the whole week of posts. Working way too many hours right now, but things should be slowing soon. I just caught up on the whole week, so I'm up to speed. Can't wait for Friday!!