Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Phoenix is in the Fridge!

Good new for Clan Donovan!  Our fertility medication arrived this morning.  I even got my very own BD Sharps Collector (that's those red containers with the big orange bio hazard sticker nurses use to dispose used syringes) and some alcohol swabs!  The medication is already in the refrigerator, safely wedged between the pickles and pimento cheese spread.

Also, we mailed our hefty IVF payment earlier this week.  We are ready to rock n' roll with this little/big scientific experiment.  Now it's time for a weekend of fun and relaxation.  Apparently it's forecast to rain the whole weekend.  I believe Dave's comment to this bit of suspicious news was 'I didn't order that for my birthday' (he's been ordering golf items on eBay for a few weeks now--all in the name of his birthday).

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Good Egg Hunting said...

Good luck as you get started! I am starting my first IVF cycle too -- on the pill now and about to start Lupron this week. Hope it is successful for both of us!